2017 was recognized as a top area specialty contractor, as published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal!


Employee Spotlight: This months Employee Spotlight highlights our entire team of employees. AMR is very proud that our staff has an average of 19 years of industry experience!



We are honored to be recently nominated as a “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” business by Michigan’s Small Business Development Council. The SBDC of West Michigan has been an incredible resource for Advantage as well as for other small businesses.
Ductwork Addition Project

This fall AMR completed a very labor-intensive project at a customer’s facility. The project’s focus was to redesign the current ductwork configuration located in the customer’s ceiling in order to evenly distribute the airflow throughout the building.

The work was completed in a facility that is heated by several rooftop units. These units are incredibly powerful and disperse air at roughly 90,000 cubic feet per minute (a standard home disperses air at roughly 2,000 CFM). These units are designed to heat an area by pushing 100% of the air flow in one direction, straight down. In order to prevent 90,000 CFM of air blowing everything below the main vent in a hundred different directions, a spill plate is put in place directly below the main air vent, as can be seen in the video below. Although the spill plate distributes the air more evenly, it can be counterproductive as it does not directly point where the air should go. This prevents proper circulation of air throughout the building.

Advantage Mechanical’s creative solution to this problem was a multi-step process. First, a sheet metal box was built that trapped the air between the spill plate and the main air vent in the ceiling. Next, AMR’s technicians made precision cuts into the ductwork box that ran several 24-inch tubes coming out of it. The tubes, which disperse air at approximately 3,800 cubic feet per minute, were strategically placed to avoid the customer’s conveyer belts but also evenly disperse air throughout the space.

After several rides up and down on the scissor lift, Advantage completed the project on time, with zero injuries, and very much to their customer’s approval. Each day brings new challenges but AMR’s team did a phenomenal job in both preparing and executing a well-thought out solution!