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Customs and Border Protection – Detroit, MI

In September of 2017, Advantage Mechanical-Refrigeration completed a project at the Customs & Border Protection building in Detroit, Michigan. See the photos below (taken by AMR’s journeyman technician, Adam Edwards) which shows the spectacular scenery the technicians worked in. The bridge photographed is the Ambassador Bridge which extends from Detroit to Canada and is 1.4 miles long. For this project, AMR was tasked with upgrading the current air conditioning equipment that cools the computer server room in the building. Recently, several servers were added to the building and the existing 3-ton A/C unit was not meeting its new cooling demands efficiently.

AMR began this project by removing the current 3-ton, water-cooled unit. This unit would be replaced with a 5-ton, air-cooled unit that would operate far more efficiently, as well as eliminate the need for hundreds of gallons of water per day. However, before the new unit could be installed, a temporary 4-ton A/C unit was put in place. This preemptive measure was done so that the computer servers would not overheat and crash during the swap out of the two permanent units. Lastly, AMR’s roofing subcontractor installed a roof curb that the condenser was then crane-lifted and mounted to.

Advantage’s experienced and fast-paced team traveled across state, removed the existing units and installed the new A/C units all in under one week! Advantage has a great working relationship with the General Services Administration and is proud to have successfully completed another project for them.