Current Projects

Charles Chamberlain Federal Building:

Replacement of an air handling unit and associated duct work. The existing duct work was covered in
asbestos, so AMR is also responsible for abating the asbestos.

Hamilton Middle School:

Plumbing and HVAC remodel of men’s locker room and bathroom. Upgrade of plumbing fixtures and associated pipe. For the HVAC remodel, install of new air handlers and associated duct work.

Battle Creek VA:

Water monitoring project. Install of fabricated, stainless pipe with sensors to test the water quality in eight buildings.

Bowen Elementary School – Kentwood Public Schools:

HVAC remodel. Install of 27 new VUV’s and associated piping. Also, adding A/C to all 27 classrooms.

Fremont Schools – Vestibule Secure Entry:

Plumbing and HVAC remodel. Upgrade of plumbing and associated piping in the entrance bathroom. Install of 6 VAV’s and two new air handlers.