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Industrial mechanical equipment requires proper up-keep to sustain longevity & ensure full functionality. We, at AMR, offer competitive maintenance contracts for our customers.

We understand emergencies happen. Our team is readily available for emergency on-site service, 24/7!

The Importance of Routine Maintenance!

HVAC equipment is no different than a car. Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of a car or unit. Scheduled maintenance will also…

  • Improve energy savings. Energy costs typically account for 30% of total building operating costs. Things that drive up energy costs are:
    • Clogged burner orifices. This causes a unit to draw more amps which equal higher electrical costs
    • Dirty filters
    • Clogged evaporator and condenser coils
  • Safety. Our technicians will find if there is a carbon monoxide leak and check safety faults
  • Improve air quality which results in reduced occupant comfort and complaints
  • Perhaps most importantly, regular inspections will decrease the chances of costly, unexpected repairs

The average building owner spends $2.46 in additional repair costs for each $1 of maintenance agreement cost.

 Discounted Labor Rate:

When you have a maintenance agreement with AMR, you will receive a discounted labor rate for all service repairs and projects throughout the duration of the agreement.*

 Reports and Record Keeping:

For each maintenance inspection, a checklist will be completed by a technician and a copy of the checklist will be sent to the customer. This report is provided to the customer as evidence of the completed service by showing each task performed.

Additionally, each scheduled maintenance inspection and service repair call is documented on our online database system where a description of work is recorded and equipment information can be updated. This allows technicians and supporting staff to access a full-service history with a simple click of the mouse!

Scheduled Tasks:

Our Service program is designed to provide continuing maintenance of the equipment covered by the agreement.  The tasks planned and scheduled are designed to provide for the long-term care of the customer’s equipment. Each visit will be scheduled and prepared by AMR’s dispatcher so that less responsibility and stress is placed on the customer