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U.S. Federal Building- Air Handling Unit Installation Project

Advantage Mechanical-Refrigeration’s (AMR) most recently completed project was the replacement of a large air handling unit (AHU) at a United States federal building in the state of Michigan. AMR was selected by the General Services Administration (GSA) to be the Prime Contractor, responsible for all aspects of fulfilling the contract.

The building in need of a new AHU was built in the 1930’s and, although the existing HVAC equipment is not original, the portion AMR completed was in need of a renovation. The purpose of the project was to replace the current equipment with an air handling unit that had the capacity to accommodate additional occupancies for future tenant space. Tasks included replacing the existing equipment with a modular air handler, provide direct digital control for the equipment through integration into the existing building management system, replace ductwork and insulation, and install fire protection sprinkler heads and lighting fixtures.

AMR both self-performed and subcontracted out portions of the project. The project began with asbestos abatement, demoing the existing equipment, and cleaning the existing ducts. Next, the new AHU was transported to the basement in five sections where it was constructed, along with accompanying controls and piping to each VAV (variable air volume) box. AMR also added a steam heat exchanger which harnesses heat from the incoming city steam and transfers it to the hot water reheat system creating a very energy efficient and more controlled way to heat the building.

Specialty subcontractors were selected to perform the asbestos and duct cleaning work, the electrical and control work, the insulation, some general trades tasks and air testing and balancing.

At the project’s conclusion GSA gave AMR an “Exceptional” rating for the management of this contract, the highest performance grade available!

The following are excerpts from GSA’s post-job feedback report:

“This project suffered numerous unforeseen site conditions requiring additional work, nevertheless, the contractor successfully performed the additional work within the additional time allowed.”

“The installation of new air handling equipment under this contract was performed without flaw, allowing easy startup of the unit with no corrective action necessary. Training videos provided for the new equipment were very helpful and very well done.”

See video below!